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Bulldog Surface Restoration uses the latest equipment technology from *Sponge-Jet Inc. that far exceeds sand blasting, pressure washing or any other form of surface restoration/preparation. *Sponge-Jet is the world leader in clean, dry, low-dust, reusable abrasive blasting which means you get world-class results without the messy clean-up with other forms of blasting.

The media we use is not only recyclable, but natural and extremely effective and precise. Our media eliminates any worries about pollution or EPA regulation violations and is so precise that it can remove paint one layer at a time.

Bulldog specializes in boat bottom cleaning (on site), pools, historical restoration, propane tanks, industrial surfaces, graffiti removal, and even lead base paint stripping/removal, however, no job is too small and is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations.

You won't find a more effective, safer or cleaner restoration process, so give us a call and let Bulldog Surface Restoration show you the hidden beauty of what your surface looked like when it was new!

Please Note:
All references to Sponge-Jet® on this website are for informational purposes only about the products & equipment we use. Sponge-Jet® has NO affiliation with Bulldog Surface Restoration and is not responsible for, nor do they endorse any work done by us. 

* Sponge-Jet® is a registered trademark of Sponge-Jet®, Inc.
* Sponge Media
™ is a trademark of Sponge-Jet®, Inc.

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